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Bluetooth Bathroom Scale - Getting Started

Bluetooth Bathroom Scales - Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the bluetooth bathroom scales from Slim Me.  To get your scales up and running, please follow the instructions below:

1. Install the Scale App to your device
    Use the appropriate link by opening this page on your device or email the link to your device.

Apple iPhone/Ipad 

Android Phones/tablets (non apple devices)

2. Unpack the scales - insert the 4 X AA batteries (back panel)

3. Position the scale on a hard surface (timber or tiles, preferably not carpet)

4. Open the app and edit your profile with your details
     Tap app middle of screen once and tap the 'settings' button.  Update your details and then tap 'save'

5. Return to the home screen of the app  (see image below)


6. Hold your device or have it close by and stand on the scales with bare feet

7. The scale will begin sending data to your device

8. When completed, click 'OK'

9. To review the data, tap the center of the screen, tap the graph, then tap the 'details' button on the top of the screen

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