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Slim Me Lifestyle Program

Founder Angeline's review of the Slim Me Program

Listen to the founder Angeline as she reviews the Slim Me Program in just 2 minutes

Over the past two years we have helped hundred and hundreds of people from all over the world achieve their ideal weight and keep it off for good. I'm confident we can do the same for you too!


Slim Me 4 Phase Program


Phase Time Steps
2 days

Loading Phase:

This phase consists of 2 days. Build up normal fat stores by eating a diet high in calories and fat. Eat as much as you want and whatever you want. Eat every few hours. Take the Slim Me drops as directed.

21 - 40 days

500 Calorie Phase:

This phase consists of the next 21 days or up to 40 days, 250 calories intake in the AM and then another 250 calories in the PM (see allowable foods in list below). Take the Slim Me drops as directed.

21 days

Maintenance Phase:

For 3 weeks, resume a healthy diet. 
However no starches and sugar are permitted.

Ongoing Implement an ongoing healthy lifestyle including exercise
and sensible diet choices.


Why Slim Me Lifestyle Program is Unique



You will learn the ONE easy thing to do each day that will stop you putting on weight.
You will be shocked how easy this is to do!

We will uncover simple, healthy foods that keep you fuller for longer.

You learn the 4 worst foods never to eat, this is so important and will be life changing to the success of your sustainable weight loss.

You will learn the super simple tricks to ensure the Slim Me Program works for you while hundreds of other diet programs have failed in the past (you're going to love this).

The SINGLE amazing best kept secret that will surprise you to keeping your weight stabilised - it's super easy to do, and once you know this secret you will have control over your weight stabilisation forever – so you don't want to miss this one.

5 secrets that will support you to have a healthy body effortlessly and to create a body that you love living in. Great news - this will amaze you how simple and easy it is to maintain.

The simple "mindset method” I teach you to successfully reduce the “battlefield of the mind thoughts” that sabotage weight loss success. By applying what you learn you will magically "see" how you can make behavioural changes to essentially help you lose weight and more importantly keep it off naturally and easily. (If you do this one thing, you're guaranteed to continually improve your results. I'll tell you how.)


We are 100% certain that you will be delighted with the Slim Me Program's quality, support and mostly the results you will achieve. We will start and finish together.


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