Refill Bottle plus copy of 'The Weight is Over' by Angeline Ayrton

Refill Bottle plus copy of 'The Weight is Over' by Angeline Ayrton

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For a limited time, purchase a refill bottle plus a copy of Angeline Ayrton's latest book, 'The Weight is Over' (163 pages)

Normally $105, for a limited time only $90 - Save $15

'The Weight is Over' is a different and insightful approach that is more like a personal conversation.
Are you feeling stressed, overweight and experiencing low energy. The truth is it's not your fault.

In The Weight is Over, you will find out why and discover tips and ideas you can easily put into place right away that could make noticeable positive changes to your health and happiness.

Just some of the benefits you will discover are:

* Clear facts why you are the victim
* Current myths about food and weight loss
* How the food industry is influencing your food choices
* Chemicals and additives - what they are really doing to you
* Your hormones - how they influence your weight
* Your relationship with food
* What the diet industry wishes you would believe
* How your brain influences your weight
* The Weight is Over has been reviewed by Doctors and experts from around the world

Plus each chapter includes a helpful 'Points to Ponder' list and 'Practical Suggestions' you can personalise and easily put into place right away - and much much more.