Hair Analysis Report

Hair Analysis Report

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Hair Analysis Report

Feeling tired all the time, zero energy?  Wonder why - when you are eating well and taking supplements and you still feel not quite right? Women all over Australia are finding that a hair analysis is unlocking the secrets to what their targeted health needs are and exactly what action to take.

Slim Me has partnered with a best practice international hair analysis service that provides an amazingly detailed analysis that covers the following health indicators:

Information you receive in your personalised hair analysis report (26 pages long):
  1. Vitamin indicator review identifying potential vitamin deficiencies
  2. ​Mineral deficiency indicators
  3. Essential fatty acids profile
  4. Anti oxidant indicator profile
  5. Amino acid profile
  6. Toxins indicators
  7. Microbiology indicators
  8. Electro-magnetic field impacts (eg: TV, phone, computers)
  9. Food indicators (foods to avoid)
  10. Food additive indicators (additives to avoid)
  11. A full detailed personal summary of indicators
  12. Plus - a phone consultation with a qualified health clinician

​This report could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in wasted practitioner visits and unnecessary supplements!  After your purchase you will receive an email with full instructions on how to take your hair samples and where to mail them.  Results are typically available in 10-15 business days by email.



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Below are examples of the report pages showing the actual detail provided based on your individual hair analysis: (To view larger images, select the images above in the viewing magnifier)


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