Why Guilt Free Noodles - Konjac Noodles are the perfect healthy alternative to pasta and rice

Posted by on November 10, 2014 . .

Do you feel guilty while eating pasta or rice while you are trying to lose weight or maintaining your weight loss? Well, now you can easily enjoy your pasta recipes with Konjac noodles. These Guilt Free Noodles (angelhair, rice, fettuccine and lasagna sheets) are a great dietary replacement for starchy and wheat based pastas and noodles, with no net carbs and only 6 calories per 100 gram serve they are perfect.  Konjac noodles can be used in any pasta or noodles recipe, giving you a tasty and healthy way to loose weight.

When you eat normal pasta or rice, then you consume large quantities of carbohydrates and calories which are not necessarily good for your health. Also the sludge seems to slow you down and make you feel tired. But if you replace your pasta with Guilt Free Noodles, then you are eating good quality fiber with no fat, wheat, protein or gluten. Guilt Free Noodles make you feel lighter but full and support you with your weight loss program results.

Konjac is a root vegetable found in China and Japan which is a good source of dietary fiber. If you are on a low calorie diet, fat free or a detox diet, Konjac noodles are an excellent choice for you instead of rice and pasta. Also best for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics, these products also contain valuable minerals and vitamins which are essential for a sound well being. Normal pasta, noodles or rice will not give you such health benefits as Konjac products will.  Guilt Free Noodles are a perfect food for any Phase of the Slim Me Program.  Guilt Free Noodles can be purchased on this web site - visit the products tab.

Last update: November 19, 2014